red brackets indicate a shiney new image.

[an entry for keenlace 2003, of michi and kyo in the pool. lum bikini!]
[michi and kyo, posing.. i must have made a mistake here, as kyo looks competant.]
[a very tired bg and cg.. drawn for the `aww` factor..]
[meeka chubi, jedi master.. remember him? :D]
[happy easter bunny michi. look, she's being friendly, she's only holding one gun today.]
[mika oekaki! i'm quite proud of this one..]
[another oekaki, this time of arcus. he looks a bit out of it, though :S not as fond of this one.]
[michi, with guns.. i hate drawing guns, but i love drawing michi. oh, the paradox...]
[screentoned cg and bg, real manga stylee, proper bo y'all.]
[michi.. i think she stole vash's big gun :S more screentone playing.]
[another oekaki, this time of cooper. i hate muscles, blegh.]
[oekaki is fun when you can't be bothered scanning.. random pic of arcus. couldn't help myself with that thumbnail, it's just so... suggestive. had to be done.]
[scarily unclothed bg in a red bikini.. i hate the hand. ignore the hand. entered in keenlace 2002, yay!]
[so, i noticed two things i didnt have enough of in this section- colour, and alex :p so i did this, which is alex in unreal tourement gear. you seriously do not want to play again him, he's way too good at it... quake 3, too.]
[officer mikachu, as seen at the end of the pokemon storyline, now in colour!]
[crayony pic of arcus and cooper, right after i'd designed them both.. it looks all creepy and foreboding, which is intentional. they look like a couple, which is unintentional :S]
[another pencil sketch, another attempt at sexy.. cg with no shirt, brrowl, with bg draped round him.]
[pencil sketch of bg that i'm rather fond of. an attempt to draw sexy without showing cleavage.. result!]
[gothy mikachu.. he's covering his face cause of this weird idea i had which never came off. but still.]
[summer frolicking! the girl on the left is our good friend cazzle, bunny wrangler extreme. inspired by a sunny day at the fountain in picadilly gardens..]
[mika, updated to have his hair more like the real chu has it.]
[ranma flavoured pic, with mika as ranma, bg as shampoo, alex as mousse and cg as ryoga..]
[well, i got bored. and there's an evil cg, so i wanted to draw the evil version of bg, too.]
[more evil bg for your buck.]