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[geeky d&d moment.. celyn and kaon the barbarian both failed their spot checks to see the 30ft long dire tiger that was sneaking up on them.. death ensued.]
[celyn again, looking most distressed at something. i like screentone.]
[i got a tablet! woo! yes, tis another elf.. this time it's celyn, one of my d&d characters. i like his hair...]
[i'm being very lazy about this, but i should be drawing a new comic about the anime society in my university soon.. here's a vague sample. tell me you wouldn't paint a halftrack pink if you had the opportunity..]
[an oekaki of integra, from the anime hellsing.]
[an elf, it is! i've drawn this guy a few times, and still don't have any sort of character or name for him.. gasp! almost nekkid! thank god i stopped drawing when i did.]
[same nameless elf, better picture.. i'm quite fond of this one.]
[yet another elf.. this one has a name, though. she's called lis, and she's possibly a psychopath.]
[mm, legato-y goodness. i'm torn between him, vash and wolfwood.]
[a gift for a friend on the boards... ant and dec with bunny ears on.]
[purple haired oekaki-ed women.. i dunno why, but she looks suspicious...]
[mmm... trigun... vash is pretty. copied from some cover art.]
[random oekaki.. my word, her bikini is almost off :S ]
[ain't he a cutie? me playing with colour and screentone... little dec donnelly. my word, i'm strange.]
[and if the last picture didnt convince you i'm nuts... ant and dec kissing. g-g-gasp! don't click if you are scared of scenes of a gay homosexual nature! oooo!]
[delirium from neil gaiman's sandman series... she follows her fishie. i like her. also is the borghal rantipole, who she made look like a fishie cause she can :)]
[more of gaiman's endless... dream and death. ]
[sketches of bulma from the dragonball manga... when she was hitting on general blue :p]
[ballet lady i made up myself.. old old picture, one of the first figures i created.]
[fanart i did of minonia and cassette for luckett of waffle x]
[pretty harley kitty... the body i copied from an issue of ranma, though. for boy meets boy]
[a fanart i drew for akhmed and isukun of bhag. i love this nameless character, the design and the personality(s)..]
[another fanart, this time for the underground, a damned cool, bizarre comic that doesn't seem to get nearly enough credit.]