red brackets indicate a shiney new image.

[fantastic picture from jo of bg as hermione and alex as ron weasly.. this is so damn cute, even though the mental image of mike as ginny is beyond terror :p]
[a doodle from war, of herr capitan greyhound :D oh, don't look offended, you found it funny too.]
[another from war, making death look much cooler than i ever let him be. the colouring is amazing, especially...]
[snakeums again, this time with death snakeums, who has no arms. NONE!]
[more snakeums! i likes the snakeums inuenndo with snakeums mika :D]
[probably the most unique fanart ever.. nitebycandlelite made a picture of bg out of staples :D this IS rock.]
[heheh, i say again. i lurve funny fanarts.. this is from carli, who gets to jump alex. she has a fine taste in ears and capes, let me tell you.]
[tee hee. little snakeums of cg characters.. they're like wee snakes with peopley heads and grinning faces.. hehehe :D by nitebycandlelite, these are. heheh.. catsnake :D]
[huzzah! loving the fanart! incredibly cute pic of bg by nitebycandlelite, who's got a comic on the way, which i'm damn well gonna link. watch out for it.]
[even more wow, a fantastic pic of bg couresty of war, who colours better than i could ever ever. his comic is fantastic, too. go read it now. no, really, i mean NOW.]
[wow.. a fantastically amazing comic cover of captain greyhound by isu-kun of bhag. it's just.. wow. go have see more of his polished work at the site i just linked you to :p]
[brrrowl! another fanart! see me grin: :D i love this picture, tis cooper and arcus being christmassy/summery/somethingy, i love it... thanks muchos to draco!]
[i will get over this never. sasami drew me fanart! yay her! tis evil bg, being all evil and stuff. yay!]