captain greyhound
aka- mike. the hero of the comic, and for good reason. after saving a mystical greyhound from being hit by a car, he was granted superpowers, as you'd expect. with super speed, strength and freaky laser eyes, and all that. he's generally very cautious and worried, keeping an eye out for his sidekick/girlfriend bg, and sidekick/cynic alex. he be cute as the day is long, too. he met bg while being stalked by a shady agency out for the removal of superheroes before they become superheroes, who may very well be hanging around still.

bagpuss girl
aka- kate. born with retractable claws and high agility, she decided to help mike fight crime, most likely as she lacked anything better to do. bg has the attention span of a biscuit, enjoys anime, and finds herself being taken hostage a lot more than she'd like, being a girl and all. the claws have a habit of extending when she's suprised, thus ruining several good tables and crockery. she's also being stalked by a psycho, but that's nothing a well-placed kick can't take care of.

a someone who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and ended up living with two superheroes. he takes it nicely in his stride, anyway, countering pretty much anything thrown at him with cynism.. this method has not yet worked with mika.. many a villian has been confused by his lack of fear and abundance of criticism. but hey, he's funny with it, at least.. died once, but got better. known to play unreal tournament against the grim reaper for the life of someone he doesnt even like.

just a simple little chu with a big crush on alex.. ah, unrequited love.. he's a camp sort, generally very happy and cheery, and quite useful at times. he has the innate ability to appear when needed. he seems to be a jedi at random points, too.

a young scientist/engineer who was also in the wrong place at the wrong time, due to an incident with his traitorous assistant, cooper. he used to work for a huge scientific bishotech, until it was revealed that they were also a little evil and traitorous. he's technically a bishonen, but chose to cut his hair shorter than normal bisho and behave more like a normal person, which is about as close to rebellion as he'll get. he's a little like mike in the sense of looking continually overstressed and worried, but unlike him, he's more likely to hide when the danger strikes, not having strength and lasers and things.

a bit of a git, really. he was arcus' assistant for several years, before betraying him and trying to nick his invention. he got his arse kicked by cg and bg, but developed an attraction to bg in the process. being a bishonen, he should have the power to charm women, but bg, being a) taken and b) having the attention span of the afore mentioned biscuit, resists it. he used to date michi, who swore revenge when he dumped her unceremoniously after just one date. he's been vaguely forgiven by arcus, who really did need a new assistant, and is thus hanging around more than cg is comfortable with. the scars on his face are the result of a run in with bg, and the ears and tail are from a mishap involving a fairy tale dimension.