a couple o'links for a couple o'things... but first, link to me link to me link to me... please?

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mst3k 1/2- my other site, with fics a plenty, some by me, some by mike, some by alex... most are msting fics of buffy and few animes. it's harmless pointless fun. you can also see the first ever apparences of cg, bg and alex in the insipid fics...
my livejournal
mike's livejournal

buffyguide- i'm a bit of a buffy fanatic, and this is the best episode guide that ever was. truely. and the forum is where i met mike, so i love it. *grin*
- one of the first webcomics i read. sorta inspiried me to draw my own. also, pretty damn funny.
- harley reminds me so much of mika... i love this comic far too much, everything from wesley, gunn and lorne the spiders upwards. :D
- also a very good webcomic. even better is...
- by the same artist. spazzy fun.
cutewendy- which is cool, if a wee bit pervy in places..
sabrina online- oh dear god. the art. *drool*
- *snort* hehehe. i like toilet humour.
- stoned moogles are fun for all! expect for when they aren't in the comic for several months :P
not gonna take it- i repeat... art. yum.
video game screenshots- not a comic, but i could spend hours there. cause i'm strange.
waffle x- i it takes a strong person to cg every comic...
bunny extreme- heh, i love this too much, the art and the whole bunny thing in general... eh, just click.
- megalomanic catgirl stripper fun for all.
- i don't understand the goggles, but this matters not.
- pretty. any comic which randomly adopts a jedi as a main character gets a big yay.