Part Two: Enter Team Scudd



            [We pan to the streets of Bennington where an overwhelming plague of soul less monsters trash the streets feeding off of

vagrants, joy riding in  police vehicles and generally causing mass hysteria...and then the sunsets and the vampires show up.

They do pretty much the same thing, only with the population of Bennington slowly diminishing people from the surrounding towns

have a reason to fear it.]


Vampire #4: (Guest star Mark McKinnley) Wow. This is just so cool. We get the entire town to ourselves, and eventually

we'll never have to pay taxes.

Vampire #5: (Guest star Will Farrel) Yeah but if you ask me the government still sucks. *canned laughs*


            [Pan to a vampire cornering an old man in the ally]


Vampire #6: (Guest star John Travolta) Oh I'm gonna enjoy this. First I sink my teeth into your throat, then after sucking more

blood from you than L. Ron Hubbard at a Scientology reunion banquet, I'm gonna sit back and enjoy the wonders of free scinemax.


            [Vampire 6 advances and as the camera focuses on the frightened man we hear a firing of some weapon, followed by

the typical fleshy sound of penetration (Don't go there) and drops of blood splattering his face. Pan back to the vampire stopped in

his tracks and as he slowly begins to die of of the loss of blood he turns around to see who fired the wooden stake.]


            [Enter Team Scudd. Rio, sporting her tight black Ninja attire, yellowish toned skin and jet black eyes and

hair. Team leader Tobias Richter, assault style SWAT gear minus the helmet and goggles, dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. Tobias

is carrying the heavy duty crossbow and Rio pulls out a ginshu and charges the vamp down, slicing his head off with one swipe.]


Tobias: *Whistles* Sweet job Rio.


            [Rio smiles as she sheaths her sword]


Rio: Look out!


            [Tobias turns around to see two vamps entering the ally. Before they get too close two throwing stars wiz past his shoulder

and send the vamps sprawling. Blood splatters as they gasp like fish out of water. The duo rush back out into the streets where

a pick up truck full of some vamp gang awaits them]


Gangleader: This town is ours children. Time to go to bed.

Tobias: *Exchanges a glance with Rio and looks back at the gang*  Uh...okay. But first I need my bedtime lullabye.

Gangleader: *Laughs as his vamps step out of the vehicle and surround them.* Sure. What would you like us to sing you?


            [Rio pulls out a small white ball and holds it high in the air. The other vampires look on in confusion as she turns

around and throws the ball into the face of a vampire with the Primus T-shirt.]


Vampire #7: (Guest star Alexander Winter) *Hands to his face as he burns* Oh jeez louise! It's stinging.


            [While Primus Vamp writhes in agony the other vamps ascend, with the Gangleader remaining in the cab of the truck.]

            [Tobias jump kicks first vampire and spins around to knock the second in the teeth]


Tobias: *Pulling out stake* Screw this. *Impales two attackers and turns to face another one.*


            [Pan to Rio who has lead five vamps back down the alley way and has taken out another grayish ball. She turns around and

throws it to the ground causing a cloud of smoke to block the vampires sight. Bewildered they look around them after the cloud has

cleared but alas she is no where to be found]


Rio: Oh booooys.


            [Vamps all look up to see Rio sitting on a windowsill five feet above them.]


Vamps: *various explicitives*

Rio: *Looks to the camera and smiles* Someone cue up, Rio by Duran Duran? Yes? Thank you.


            [Duran Duran plays in the background as Rio does cool Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon style moves from wall to wall

as she knocks each vamp to their backs and hits the ground. Runs back towards the end of the ally where there is an open parking



Duran Duran: *singing in background* "You know you're something special and you look like you're the best-"


            [The vamps surround her again and she pulls out her sword.]


Duran Duran: Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand


            [First vamp attacks, sword swipes, head flies]


Duran Duran: Just like that river twisting through a dusty land-


            [Rio jumps up and spins in the air before kicking two vamps on to their backs and lands once more, swinging her

sword with practiced ease]


Duran Duran: And when she shines she really shows you all she can


            [Two more vamps split apart and hit the ground as the others get back to their feet. Rio holds her sword out and

spins around beheading each vamp with one stroke]


Duran Duran: Oh Rio, Rio dance across the Rio Grande...


            [Song dies out as we pan to Tobias, who is still fighting on the sidewalk with six more vamps and is losing space.]


Tobias: *Knocking two vamps out as he looks to the camera* What? I don't get a song too?


            [You name me a song that has Tobias in it and I'll do it.]


Tobias: *Muttering something about narrators' sexual preferences and hair style*  Whoa!


            [Vampire lunges and Tobias wrestles it into the glass doors of a nearby store called Panache. As the alarm goes off

Tobias gets to his feet and runs towards the back of the store knocking over racks of clothes as the vamps pursue.]


            [Back outside Rio returns to the front of the buildings only to see that Gangleader Vamp has started up the engine.

Primus Vamp is dead now, his face and chest melted away by the lime powder exposing his fleshy skeleton and rib cage. Rio

goes after the Gangleader as he pulls out and starts to hall ass past the old Dunkin Donuts down through Spring St.]


            [Back to Tobias as the damn suspenseful music generator finally kicks to life]


Tobias: There we go. *Sees a display of candles and pulls out his lighter as the vampires approach*


            [Tobias picks up a long candle and lights it. The vamps stop in their tracks as he holds it out towards them tempting

them to come forward. When none of them does so he pulls a sweater off of a rack and lights the bottom. Quickly it catches fire

as he tosses it to the nearest vampire]


Tobias: I hope they're insured.

Vampire #8: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!


            [Ah! Oh wait, I'm uh...narrating. So anyway, the vamp writhes around setting fire to displays and other vampires and

Tobias bolts for the back exit and runs out towards the street when two police cars pull up.]


Cop #1: (Guest star Steve Guttenburgh)  Hold it right there! *points gun*

Cop #2: (Guest star Sabrina Loyd) Put your hands on your head right now!


            [Tobias acts on military background training and bolts up and over a nearby truck and jumps down to the sidewalk. He

continues running as the first cop chases him down]


            [Pan back to Rio who has chased the truck halfway down the street. She stops and draws a blow dart from underneath

her uniform and positions it]


            [Pan to the Gangleader driving with Vampire #9 sitting besides him and looking back constantly]


Vampire #9: (Guest star Corey Haim) I don't think we're gonna make it!

Gangleader: *Looking at the rear view mirror* We left that bitch half a mile behind uh-ack!


            [A dart penetrates Gangleader's neck as glass shards fly everywhere. He loses control of the vehicle and crashes into

a guard rail near a river. The dart has released a drop silver nitrate into his blood stream which burns enough of his brain stem

to render him unable to move.]


Vampire #9: *Bleeding from the head* Oh boy...


            [Vampire #9 manages to break free of the wrekage but can't run very far as his lower body is completely paralyzed from

the sudden lack of blood]


Rio: *Walking up casually* Oh dear, poor vampire didn't buckle up like a good boy. Pity, pity.


            [Rio pulls out another ball of lime dust and tosses it at the vamp's neck. It bursts spreading lime powder all over his

body, and slowly and painfully his skin dissolves spilling blood, fluids, and organs all over the place. His body continues to function

as it waits for the approaching dawn.]


            [Flash to scene of Tobias hiding out in the attic of an empty house as dawn approaches. The police do several sweeps of

the area but they give up after awhile. His souped up palm pilot flashes and he takes it out of his pocket, Rio's face appears on the



Rio: Tobias, where are you?

Tobias: I'm hiding out. I torched that Panache's with the vampires inside, but the local police must have thought I was just some

random maniac.

Rio: *muttering* I'd tend to agree.

Tobias: What?

Rio: I said, Five, twenty-three. It's almost sunrise, I have two vamps in the open ready to burn.

Tobias: Good, then the lime powder does work. When the sun destroys the rest of the bodies people are bound to see it.

Rio: Excellent explanation of the plot device.

Tobias: Thanks, I spent all night working on it.

Rio: See you soon then?

Tobias: After I get some sleep. Tonight we have to find the short British kid who ran off with Janet, that is assuming it's not too late.

Rio: Very well, meet me at the South Street coffee shop at 8:30 tonight?

Tobias: I'll see you then.


            [Tobias turns off the palm pilot and lays down, using his jacket as a pillow. Pan to the funeral home, then to the room where

Mike and Kate were sleeping in a coffin moments ago. We see the coffin closed and blood all over the sides of the floor....]


            To be continued...?